Sunday, April 29, 2007


Shawn and I bought a house on Friday!! We are SO EXCITED! It is brand new and has not even been built yet. We will move in this time next year!! It is really close to the lake too!! SO EXCITED

Monday, April 23, 2007


I am very bitter. Got my visitor and it has not been a happy place in Stacey Land. I feel fat, gross, bloated, ugly, irritated and the list goes on !! LOL Poor hubby.

Anyway so I went to WW on Saturday. I did weigh in and stayed the same as last week. I was happy as I really didnt start my new found motivation till middle of last week. I have been doing really well !! My cousin is coming on Saturdays now which really helps in the motivation department.

The weather is just gorgeous out! Shawn and I are going for a nice long bike ride tonight for some exercise.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hey Everyone

Sorry I have been MIA!! I have a had a hard time re-focusing myself ! However I have found the focus....not in a very good way...but I guess was a blessing in disguise as it pushed me to get back on track.

My best friend dated this guy for 10 years. He treated her like crap and she left him. He blames me and loaths my existance. Anyway recently they have been emailing. I was at Tara's house last night and we were checking emails and she said OMIGOD he emailed me again lets read it. So we open it and read it and he says a bunch of stuff and then says he saw pictures of me and he says in his email to Tara

" Did Stacey get BIG OR WHAT!! Doesnt she know that is bad for her heart....oh well I guess I shouldnt care because she hasnt done me any favours"

He still blames me!! Tara felt so bad ....because obviously if she had opened the email before she wouldnt let me see it....I was really hurt. I know it is the truth. However having someone say something like that really hurt me. So after a few tears...and talking to Shawn....I decided that is it !! So I went home...put up all my positive notes around the house.....made my goal chart to put on the out my points tracker and made my lunch and started tracking!

I am also joining water aerobics once per week. Doing my elliptical 2x per week and meeting a friend for a hike one night a week and on a weekend with our dogs!

SO I am back!! I am letting this fuel my fire! No baby making until I lose 50 pounds! I figure a baby can wait another year!! I am only 28!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm Back

I am back from vacation!! We had a great time! Resort was ok but the group was fun!!

I only gained 2.4 pounds while on holiday. Which is awesome! Shawn gained 7!! HA!

I did my weigh in at WW last Saturday. The only thing I didnt like about the trip was seeing myself in pictures. I am fat. Like seriously really fat. I cant even hide my body behind something, or tilt my face a certain way in the pictures....I am fat. I can not run from it. You know, when I get ready and look in the mirror I dont think I look as bad as I obviously do looking at the pictures. I have really let myself go. I have really just packed on the pounds. I was thinking I have gained 60 pounds since I got engaged. SIXTY! That was about 3 and a half years ago!! What is my problem!

So that is it ! Baby making is on hold. I wanted to try right after the trip but nope!! I need to lose weight!!

So I am on a mission to lose 60 pounds. This will bring me to 190 the weight I was when I got engaged and looking back I felt good and looked good.

So this is my goal. I have been in a pitty party since last weigh in ....eating what I want. This Saturday I face the music and am back on track!!


Monday, March 19, 2007


Yep I'm a bitch..I am off to Venezuela!!

I will post pics when I get back !! !


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I stole this from Jordana !! Thanks Jordana! I love doing these things.

1. I love hot bubble baths
2. I love my dog Bosco
3. I love going to the cottage and floating down the river on a floatie
4. I love Fall it is my favorite time of year
5. I love the smell of the really strong markers
6. I love the smell of fresh cut grass
7. I love Shawn's bum it is so small...
8. I love my parents they are hilarious
9. I love accessories
10. I love my comfy pants...
11. I love having a hot bath then getting into bed with clean sheets
12. I love dusting and looking at all the dirty stuff on the paper towel
13. I love sunny days
14. I love smoking on really nice days - outside
15. I love decorating my home
16. I love puppy breath
17. I love the way my dog sits with his head on the ledge of the bath tub while I am soaking
18. I love my husbands hugs
19. I love my moms homemade Mac N Cheese
20. I love my dads dance moves
21. I love when my husband rubs my feet
22. I love sunflowers
23. I love water slides and spin rides
24. I love spending time with Tara we always laugh like crazy
25. I love playing jokes on people
26. I love Fooooooooood
27. I love small towns
28. I love crafts
29. I love laughing
30. I love life
31. I love Halloween
32. I love watching crime shows
33. I love ghost stories
34. I love laying in bed with my hubby and dog
35. I love weekend naps
36. I love having sex in the afternoon
37. I love my husbands jokes
38. I love my brother and sister
39. I love animals
40. I love vacations
41. I love girly movies
42. I love massages
43. I love pedicures
44. I love my hair when I acutally do it
45. I love perfume
46. I love purple
47. I love cheese
48. I love wee gifts
49. I love suprises
50. I love romance
51. I love white wine
52. I love cuddles
53. I love the smell of gasoline
54. I love when my housework is done and I can chill on the couch
55. I love Wentworth Miller
56. I love crying a good cry during my period
57. I love old victorian houses
58. I love seeing all your comments.

Hope you enjoyed that. I would do more but am at work and have to get back to it.

Have a great week

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Results are IN....

Well, we had our weigh in......

Stacey - Lost 3.6
Tara - Lost 4.0

So, I lost our competition by 0.04 !! LOL !! We both did AWESOME and I am thrilled with my loss!! It was great having the competition as it really got us both motivated. So I bought tara flip flops and a shirt as her gift.

After our WW meeting we hit the mall for some serious shopping! I got

- Five Tank Tops
-Necklace, Two Pairs or Earrings, Bracelet
- Three pairs of Capri pants (White, Brown, Black)
- Black Bathing Suit
-Black comfy pants
-Sun tan lotion and all the necessities ..shampoo etc.

I bought Shawn
Two pairs of shorts
Two golf shirts
Two tank tops
Two dress shirts

Loooooooooooooooooooove spending money! LOL
Have a great weekend